2012 Parade

The 26th Annual Samba Parade at the North Country Fair is scheduled for September 15th, 2012. This parade will mark the beginning of a new stage of commitment to the future of Samba da Alegria. Our primary goal is to secure an education and performance space here in our community. Our theme is "Our Future Culture", calling out to our participants to celebrate the quality of life we share here on the North Coast. Samba da Alegria is proud to be DreamMaker Program of the Ink People Center for the Arts.

Since 1986, the North Country Fair parade has brought together Humboldt County citizens of all ages and backgrounds to celebrate their north coast community. The parade has grown in numbers each year. The last few years, over one hundred drummers, dancers, and volunteers have developed a massive presentation of community music and dance, free for the public to enjoy and parade along. This growth in participation is appropriate to the essence of inclusion that this style is known for worldwide.