Hire Samba da Alegria!

The purpose of our performance group is to raise money and awareness for the Samba da Alegria community group.

For private events, our group can be booked for $100-$200 per half hour. Beyond a half hour, prices can increase to $300.

For public and community events, we will work with your budget.

Please reach out to start a conversation about booking our group! Send an email to samba.arcata@gmail.com and we will get back to you asap!

Audition for the Performance Group

  • For intermediate to advanced players
  • Start by attending an open class
  • Email samba.arcata@gmail.com to schedule

History of SdA

Samba da Alegria has given the people of the North Coast of California a way to dance, drum, and celebrate together for almost 40 years.

In 1986, percussionist Sam Camp made arrangements for a group of student musicians to play samba for the existing Sunday All-Species Parade. The music was so well received that the group was invited to play again the next year.

In 1999, the group was given the name Samba da Alegria, which means “joy of samba”.

Our group has continued to grow every year, and we invite you to get involved however you wish – attend one of our performances, join in a class, or audition for the performance group! All are welcome!